Reviews of "Nostradamus"


Kotzev, previously of Baltimoore an Brazen Abbot notoriety, has come up with something that is just MASSIVE. 100 minutes of music over two CDs, in a rock opera about Nostradamus. Huge booklet, huge box packaging, the works. Itís an orchestral hard rock work, featuring the vocals of Joe Lynn Turner (as Nostradamus), Glenn Hughes, Goran Edman, Doogie White, Alannah Myles (!), Sass Jordan, and Jorn Lande (of Ark fame) absolutely stealing the show as the Inquisitor. Also used is a choir and a 35 piece symphony orchestra. To be cynical this is like Haggard with rock and roll replacing death metal, ha ha! But the execution is indeed incredible and there is so much to take in. Attention has been paid to every single little detail, in both the music and packaging to a degree I am astonished that such a thing was able to be done. Vocals are immaculate, and I hate to say this because it does sound disrespectful, but having some of these singers gives this a vintage feel putting you back in time a bit anyway. Still, if any of this sounds like something you think may be cool to hear, then you NEED this. And itís released in the USÖ!

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