Reviews of "Nostradamus"


NIKOLO KOTZEV'S NOSTRADAMUS is the latest metal "Dream Team" album. Having a great many guests, mostly singers, participating on the album, Nikolo Kotzev manages to compose a symphonic hard rock opera. With Joe Lynn Turner (ex-RAINBOW) being in the main role, that of Nostradamus, you can imagine the album can't be a bad work. An act that was so big in Nikolo's mind that it had to be put into 2 CDs of music. The orchestration is great and the marriage between hard rock and symphonic music is better than expected. With many choir parts and the singers making a musical dialogue you can't question this album as a symphonic hard rock opera. Listening to the album, which is rather aggressive for a hard rock album, you can feel the energy emanating from the voices of the singers and the multiple instruments. Without much thought, it is easily understood that the story behind the lyrics is that of the famous prophet (?) Nostradamus. The package contains the lyrics and history described in the album and can be rather enlightening. The only drawback of the album is the quite bad cover art. It reminds me more of an adventure game front cover dating from 1995. Despite that the album is simply great.


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