Reviews of "Nostradamus"


Wow, what an interesting, theatrical journey. It's as if there is a stuggle within the music, as well as the story line. The metal and classical music clash, while Nostradamus stories get shunned and then proven to be the truth. Its an entertaining experience by any means. The CD is based on the life and predictions of Nostradamus. The way the CD is laid out is like a rock opera, much like Dream Theater's last album "Scenes From A Memory." What differs is that this has a script and everything wrote out and includes such renown musicians as Joe Lynn Turner, Goran Edman and Glenn Hughes. But probably the most impressive part of this disk is Nikolo Kotzev guitar playing. Nikolo is a guitar virtuoso, and when you combine that with a fill blown symphonic orchestra and a cast of voices, a new dimension is found. The concept album comes in two disks with over an hour and forty minutes of music, and the three acts have a total of twenty one tracks at full intensity. If you're a fan of metal, opera, rock ?n' roll, or basically any type of music, you might want to lend an ear to an album called "Nostradamus."


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