Reviews of "Nostradamus"


And here comes the titanic project of the virtuoso Nikolo Kotzev (started in 1997) have just been finalized in the form of a 2 CDs Metal Opera which last almost 2 hours. In the same vein of Avantasia, Nostradamus sees a lot of big names of the metal scene be attributed specific roles in order to narrate the long story of Michel de Nostre-Dame.

We find with pleasure great names of the 80's like Glenn Hughes in the role of Henry II, Alannah Myles in the role of Anne Gemelle and especially Joe Lynn Turner in the skin of the prophet. The result is really impressive and in a certain way more complete than Avantasia (I'm not gonna make friends here :)). Sustained all the way by a 35 pieces orchestra, the songs are more fantastic one from another. As proof the sublimePieces Of A Dream which opens the album right after a beautiful intro. Glenn's vocals is grabing you from the very first seconds and transports us to the time of Inquisition and will make you shiver all the way during this gigantic work. During the entire story, the different actors are relaying one another to finish on the unmissable prophecy of the end of the world in 3797 (why 3797 ??? no clue as Nostradameus had predicted the end of the world for 1999...).

Little detail aside, the history of the prophet is really undergone with many details and it's sure that Mister Kotzev did a long (very long) research on his character. All is left for you to do now is to run to your nearest CD shop in order to buy this piece of history full of symphony and wisdom.


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