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(Steamhammer/ SPV)

This is simply the best album I’ve heard in the last six years. It's got everything - imagination, creativity, talent… And, of course, it has got a lot of great singers like Göran Edman, Glenn Hughes, Jorn Lande, Alannah Myles, and others. In my opinion, an interesting thing about this record is that it doesn’t abuse the orchestra, so the rock sound is not affected in a negative way. This is an important thing, cause it is an opera rock and the orchestra could block the rock sound, but here it doesn’t happen. The album is divided in three acts.

As you could imagine for the title, this is an album about Nostradamus’ life, performed using rock and classical instruments, and written and conducted by the great Nikolo Kotzev. Nostradamus was born in 1503 when Henry II, the King of France, reigned. Nostradamus was famous for his predictions about the future of humanity.

Come with me to this world full of fantasy….

CD 1

Act I
Overture: Wonderful instrumental theme that combine the classical orchestra with rock.
Pieces of a dream: Exquisite song. My first hero of the record, Glenn Hughes, begins to show his great vocal arsenal. I love this song. It tells the thoughts of Henry II about his life and his kingdom.
Desecration: In this song appears my second hero, Göran Edman. That song is very good, yet not the best of the album. Incredible but true! This song talks about how seven soldiers looted Nostradamus’ tomb, and how one of them died and his spirit was possessed by Nostradamus.
Introduction: This song amazes me every time I listen to it. With the incredible Doogie White on vocals, this song is one of my favourites. Special attention to the backing made by the lead guitar on the chorus. This song is an introduction of Nostradamus’ life since he was born until he went to Avignon for completion of his studies.
Home again: Great instrumental classical theme full of nuances. Nostradamus came back home after his studies in Montpellier and helped many victims of the plague.
Henriette: Beautiful ballad perfectly orchestrated with a fast violin solo. Nice one. Nostradamus married his first wife, Henriette d’Encausse.
Caught up in a rush: The powerful rock strikes again! This song is one of the best in the record. With the amazing Glenn Hughes on the vocals again, this is a good theme. It's about the phobia of the king regard to Nostradamus.
The eagle: Amazing song where Göran Edman puts his seal of great singer. The choruses of this song are powerful and fantastic. It's about the famous prediction of Nostradamus, about the birth and the rise of Napoleon, and the French revolution.
Plague: Fantastic theme with, in my opinion, the most well-constructed chorus sung by double voices. In this song appears a new character, the inquisitor, performed by Jorn Lande, who does an excellent job. The inquisitor accused Nostradamus of heresy for the plague. The same plague that killed his wife and his children….
Inquisition: Wonderful song with a great dialogue between Nostradamus and the inquisitor. The inquisitor called Nostradamus to stand on trial. If Queen Catherine didn't intervene, he would be burned as a witch.

Act II
The king will die: Great fast song sung by the fantastic Doogie White as the storyteller. Very nice one. Nostradamus wrote a letter to the king, where he in detail told him what would happen. In a friendly combat he will die.
I don’t believe: A new demostration of the power of rock. Again, Glenn Hughes is crowned by himself as a king of rock. Special attention to the guitar effects. Henry II was angry for Nostradamus’ words. The inquisitor warned the king about the prophet's words.
Try to live again: Precious ballad with powerful voices and a celestial orchestration. In this song appears a new character, Anne Gemelle, performed by Alannah Myles. Nostradamus married Anne Ponsart Gemelle in 1547. He had needed this love for a long time…

CD 2
War of religions: Great song with a fantastic chorus sung by double voices. Nice one. Nostradamus quatrains were interpreted against the Church, and gave a new power to the Huguenots, the worst enemies of the religious leaders.
The inquisitor’s rage: Nice song sung by a powerful Jorn Lande. The chorus is the same as the previous song. The inquisitor was angrier than ever, he wanted Nostradamus dead without a trial.
Chosen man: One of the jewels of the album. This one is a sung dialogue between Lynn Turner and Glenn Hughes. Simply incredible. A friendly combat was organized, and as Nostradamus had predicted, the king died in this combat.

World War II: Good song with a great chorus, Göran Edman sings very good. Nice one. Nostradamus predicted the Second World War with an amazing precision. That was the rising of the second Antichrist.
World War III: The fastest song of the album. With an infernal rythm. Again, Göran Edman sings another war. How Nostradamus saw the Third World War and the rise of the third Antichrist.
Because of you: Nice ballad with an intense vocals. In this song appears a new character: Catherine the queen of France, performed by Sass Jordan. The inquisitor wants to poison Nostradamus. The queen saved his life by giving him an antidote, because she was really interested in Nostradamus’ predictions.
The end of the world: Very nice theme, with a sinister prayer, prayed by a lot of voices. It scared me, hehe. However, I like it. Nostradamus predicted the end of the world in 3797…….
I’ll remember you: Great, great, great, ballad, very moving and nice. Joe Lynn Turner and Alannah Myles performed this precious song. The end of this theme is really majestic. The sincere farewell of Nostradamus to Anne Gemelle.

Reviewed by: Metallian
December 2001

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