Reviews of "Nostradamus"


"Nostradamus", the work of Brazen Abbot mainman Nikolo Kotzev, stands by itself in the multitude of recent projects that feature many famous musicians in various combinations. This rock-opera was recorded by the maestro himself with the help of a quite unique team: ex-"Europeans" John Leven, Ian Hauglund and Mic Michaeli, a 35-strong symphonic orchestra, inseparable Glenn Hughes and Joe Lynn Turner, Doogie White (ex-Rainbow), Jorn Lande (ex-Company of Snakes, Ark), Goran Edman (ex-Malmsteen), Sass Jordan and Alannah Myles. The disc makes a strong impression even after the first spin. The author's restrained and modest guitar and Michaeli's Jon-Lord-like organ make way for the true triumph of rock vocal art: the choice of performers of all main arias is perfect and each of them introduces something personal and unique to the disc. Hughes sings in his favorite soul-funk vein, Turner and White prove once again that the great Blackmore did not choose them for the Rainbow in vain, Lande's somewhat rough voice very similar to Coverdale fits the part of Inquisitor perfectly, Goran Edman is notable for his epic depth, and Alannah Myles' vocal performance is no less strong than in her immortal hit "Black Velvet". Musically-wise the album is notable for its sympho hard rock sound and stylistic integrity, which, however doesn't prevent many compositions from being outstanding hits. Its idea and spirit remind me of the canonic "Jesus Christ - Superstar": some dialogs have a lot in common (Jesus - Maria / Nostradamus - Anna, Jesus - Pilate / Nostradamus - Inquisitor), the choir secures a special place in the disc's concept, and the phrase "He must die!" obviously reminds of "This Jesus must die!". Having created such a monumental rock piece, Kotzev established himself as a talented classical composer: The orchestra produces a rich musical background for the main band and sometimes comes to the foreground with small but very nice interludes. (Fireball)
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