Interviews with Nikolo Kotzev

The 13th Question (


Alex: Tell us something about your life, your beginings as musician...
Nikolo: I was born in a family of musicians. Started playing the violin when I was 5 years old. Took private lessons for 9 years, went to music school for 5 years , after that - Music Academy for 4 years. Now I have a Bachelor's degree - Bachelor of Music Arts. I started playing the electric guitar at age of 12 , joined a rock band at age of 15. Ever since I've been involved in rock bands. In the early 80's I was playing nightclubs in Bulgaria and became a session guitarist in some of the top Bulgarian studios. In '85 I left Bulgaria with a Top 40 band and played in the European countries. In '89 I stayed in Finland , built a studio and started releasing records.

Alex: Is NOSTRADAMUS a "new band" or a continuation from your band Brazen Abbot?
Nikolo: I would like to think of Nostradamus as a "One-off" project. It has it's own life and future and I wouldn't say it has much to do with Brazen Abbot appart from using some of the same singers. However , the Brazen Abbot is very much alive and I am just about to start writing new music for the next album.

Alex: Have you thought to do concerts with NOSTRADAMUS?
Nikolo: This is exactly what I am working on right now. A live show/tour with Nostradamus will demand a very high budget. I am in the process of finding people who can fund such a show. Me and my manager are talking to people in the business. It will take time and I cannot even promise it will happen , but it is our main priority at the present time.

Alex: Your work has been comparated with Avantasia, the opera rock by Tobias Sammet, Avantasia, the opera of the '90 and NOSTRADAMUS, the opera of the '80, What could you say me about that?
Nikolo: I think Nostradamus is very different than anything else written in the genre. I have tried to use very much of the orchestra and it has a main role in the music and story. Many of the main themes are carried by the orchestra. I am also using very big choirs , which are also a part of the story - they are like a character on their own. I think Nostradamus is very different than anything else.

Alex: Could you tell us something about NOSTRADAMUS? How did you decide to get the new musicians?
Nikolo: I simply needed a few more singers , that's all. When I decided to make a rock opera I first wrote the story , then the music and after that I started casting different singers for the roles. I checked all the singers on the scene at the time and obviously I offered roles to the singers which in my opinion were most suitable for the roles.

Alex: How do you think about the new guitarrist that carry on thanks to their virtuosism and not for their compositions?
Nikolo: Everyone has the rights to write and play the way they want. What counts on the end is if people like them or not. After all - composers write their music for the audience , not for themselfes . I try to use the guitar as much as needed in order to help a good song. For me writing a good song is muchh more important than playing fast.However , playing fast is a kick aswell , so I never miss the chance to do that ;-)

Alex: What could you say to the new bands that try to rise in the world of the music?
Nikolo: Work , work and work again. Having tallent is not enough - everyone must work on their tallent and never give up. One day they'll be rewarded.

Alex: For when a new album from NOSTRADAMUS, or from Brazen Abbot?
Nikolo: I will start working on the next Brazen Abbot album very soon.

Alex: What are your future plains in a short time?
Nikolo:I am about to start planning for the next album.I must write the songs , decide on which singers I will use etc. etc.

Alex: Have you ever been in Spain?
Nikolo: No , but I would like to visit Spain.....

Alex: When will we be able to see you playing here in Spain?
Nikolo: I hope to be able to take Brazen Abbot on tour with the new album. It would be cool to play in Spain....

Alex: Do you like to do any orchestral album as for example Yngwie Malmsteen?
Nikolo: No . If I'll use an orchestra it will be a rock opera again. I don't think playing the guitar only shows all my capabilities - I must write , arrange , score etc. etc.

Alex: Well, nikolo, that's all, thank you very much, and, would you wanna say anything to your spanish fans?
Nikolo: Thank you all for the support and hope to see you on the Brazen Abbot shows in Spain!!