Reviews of "Nostradamus"

(Steamhammer/ SPV)

God, how long did I wait for this record? When I talked to Nikolo way back in '97, he told me about his plans for a rock opera. Another four years have passed and the double CD with more than 100 minutes of music finally sees the light of day.It took the man more than two years of recording and producing and another 12 months of securing a contract for this definitely expensive and ambitious project. You can't afford a 35 piece symphonic orchestra, the complete Europe "backing band" Jon Leven,Mic Michaeli and Ian Haugland for just a warm hand shake.And the singers? Sass Jordan; Alannah Myles; Göran Edman (the man seems to sing on every other melodic hardrock record these days);Jorn Lande (Millenium, Ark); Doogie White (Cornerstone, ex-Rainbow); Joe Lynn Turner (with probably his best performance ever!) and Glenn "The Voice Of Rock" Hughes himself - what more can a rock fan ask for? A masterful transformation of the concept of the life and visions of Nostradamus with brilliant ballads, outstanding duets (Alannah Myles/Joe Lynn Turner), nothing short of a breathtaking performance! Forget the "Avantasia" release this year, Ayreon's "Into The Electric Circus" and even Savatage's "Streets" - this is the blue print for the perfect rock opera! If you only have the money for one album in the next couple of months, choose this. A masterpiece!

Anders Hoehn

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