Reviews of "Nostradamus"

(Steamhammer/ SPV)

There are concept albums...and there are CONCEPT ALBUMS! Wow! Years in the making, this double disc set of ornate metal melded with classical is loaded with strong moments, all telling the story of one of the most famous prophets of all time - Nostradomus. Check out this all star cast: Joe Lynn Turner (Ex-Rainbow, Purple), Glenn Hughes (Ex-Purple, Trapeze), Doogie White (ex-Rainbow), Jorne Lande (Millenium) and others. And why not throw in a 35 piece orchestra while yer at it! Pompous? Perhaps. But it truly features a fine blend of rock 'n' roll and thrust while also retaining a strong classical bent. Plus, despite the lengthiness of the thing (2 hours), it actually holds up pretty well though the end. Couple all this with a strong CD booklet packed with lyrics, art work, character description, cast pictures and well, 40 something pages of carefully laid out commitment to the project. If anything can be said about this piece, it is that everything was done with care and passion. In no way shall the listener feel cheated as long as he or she is into thematic and/or conceptual metal/metal operas. Nikolo Kotzev has genuinely taken metal to the next level.

Brian Coles

Electric Basement (