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Nikolo Kotzev´s “NOSTRADAMUS” (Steamhammer/SPV)

Release date: May 21st

Tracklist: Overture (instrumental) / Pieces Of A Dream / Desecration / Introduction (instrumental) / Home Again / Henriette / Caugh Up In A Rush / The Eagle / Plague / Inquisition / The King Will Die / I Don’t Believe / Try To Live Again / War Of Religions / The Inquisitor’s Rage / Chosen Man / World War II / World War III / Because Of You / The End Of The World / I’ll Remember You

Playing time: 59:54 min. / 41:31 min.

Musicians: Nikolo Kotzev (guitars, violin, keyboards) / Joe Lynn Turner (vocals) / Alannah Myles (vocals) / Glenn Hughes (vocals) / Sass Jordan (vocals) / Göran Edman (vocals) / Jorn Lande (vocals) / Doogie White (vocals) / John Leven (bass) / Ian Haugland (drums) / Mic Michaeli (organ)

Producer: Nikolo Kotzev

Here it finally is, the long announced and eagerly awaited rock opera by BRAZEN ABBOT mastermind Nikolo Kotzev. Together with the living Hard Rock legends Joe Lynn Turner (ex-RAINBOW/DEEP PURPLE), Glenn Hughes (ex-DEEP PURPLE/BLACK SABBATH), Göran Edman (ex-Yngwie Malmsteen), Jorn Lande (ex-THE SNAKES/now-MILLENIUM), Doogie White (ex-RAINBOW/now-CORNERSTONE), John Leven, Ian Haugland, Mic Michaeli (all three former members of EUROPE), Sass Jordan, Alannah Myles (who doesn’t remember her world-hit ”Black Velvet”!?) and a symphony orchestra from Bulgaria, Kotzev has created a concept album that is thematically based on the story of the life and the prophecies of the French prophet Nostradamus. Every vocalist on ”Nostradamus” sings a different character of the story: Turner is Nostradamus, Hughes is Henry II (the king of France), Edman is a ghost, Lande is the inquisitor, Doogie White is the storyteller, Myles is Anne Gemelle and Sass Jordan is Catherine de Medici (the queen of France). Thus the album features a many duets, of which especially the duets with Joe Lynn Turner and Glenn Hughes (”Chosen Man”) and with Joe Lynn Turner and Alannah Myles (”Try To Live Again”, ”I’ll Remember You”) stand out. Another pleasure are the vocals of Jorn Lande, who sings the role of the inquisitor with passion and expressiveness that blows you away. Check out ”The Inquisitor’s Rage” and ”Because Of You” and you will find out that this guy is one of the best Hard Rock singers the world has ever seen and much more than a David Coverdale clone! Among ”Chosen Man” and ”I’ll Remember You”, my favorite tracks are the tragic and dramaticly arranged rockers ”World War II” and ”The End Of The World” which both feature the mighty Göran Edman on vocals, and the beautiful ballad ”Because Of You” (featuring Jorn Lande, Joe Lynn Turner and Sass Jordan on vocals at the same time). Even though a few songs come along some classical arrangments and bombastic vocals ala QUEEN, it is still a Hard Rock album the fans of BRAZEN ABBOT, DEEP PURPLE and RAINBOW must have heard! There’s no doubt about it, that ”Nostradamus” is a new and brilliant chapter in Hard Rock history!

Rating: 93%

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