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One of the most interesting releases that came my way this year was Nikolo Kotzev's "Nostradamus." By the title of this release, it's obvious what this two disc rock opera is all about. So, I won't get into the story here...which saves me from writing a lengthy review. The complete story, with lyrics and some additional notes, is found in the CD booklet, which is required reading if you seek a better understanding of this release. Anyway, Nikolo has managed to gather some well known voices in rock to bring his musical creation to life...Alannah Myles, Sass Jordan, Glenn Hughes and Joe Lynn Turner are among the cast of characters. Members of the band include drummer Ian Haugland, bassist John Leven and, on organ, Mic Michaeli. In order to get a good feel for "Nostradamus" and to really appreciate the time and effort that when into making this album possible, numerous listens are required. This is NOT an album that you can just listen to every now and's NOT for the casual listener. If you have a real appreciation for music, this will probably become one of your favorite albums. It ranks up there with albums like Pink Floyd's "The Wall" and Queensryche's "Operation: Mindcrime." You won't see a more creative album released this year, I can guarantee that. "Nostradamus" is to music what "Titanic" was to the movie industry. Nikolo Kotzev had a dream and he brought that dream to life in the most brilliant of ways. Only God could do better than this. Album of the year? Well, if it's in the running, it has my vote... without a doubt!
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