Reviews of "Nostradamus"

(Steamhammer/ SPV)

Best known with his band Brazen Abbot Bulgarian Fin Nikolo Kotzev is 'in the scene' since 1992. The three BA albums featured guest appearrances by Glenn Hughes and Joe Lynn Turner, two of melodic rock renowned names ofcourse. Those two, as well as several other well known names as Göran Edman, Doogie White, Jorn Lande, Alannah Myles and Sass Jordan also lended their voices for the double CD adventure 'Nostradamus'. And what an adventure it is! The life and times of 'The Predictor' are transfered to a Rock Opera in the best sense possible. With the already mentioned singers there's no going wrong, although I doubt it that all these guys and girls were in the studio at the same time. As maybe expectable the music is heavily Rainbow/Deep Purple influenced but that never is a problem, the story and the instrumental parts by the symphonic orchestra, as well as the use of a choir makes 'Nostradamus' very original and impressive. The story could have been more emphasized perhaps with more narration pieces, like Jeff Wayne's 'War Of The Worlds'. Nikolo Kotzev maybe the leading man behind this project, he doesn't draw any extra special attention, his playing, which is great by the way, is always in service to the songs and story. All the singers give their best and it is a great joy to hear Hughes, Lynn Turner and White go at it with full power. There are plans to perform this album live on stage but where and when is not sure, maybe mr.Kotzev will have more news about it in the near future when he talks to REZ about 'Nostradamus'. Now I wonder if the actual Nostradamus knew THIS would happen...
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