Reviews of "Nostradamus"

(Steamhammer/ SPV)

Awaited for a long time, this concept album about Michel De Notre Dame (Nostradamus) life is finally arrived. In most cases, concept means lots of guests. That's right for Mister Kotzev who brings together, for this ambitious project, the usual musicians we can find in BRAZEN ABBOT and some others that we also know : Alannah Myles, Sass Jordan, Dougie White, Jorn Lande. Nice people and an accurate part for each of them. Nick has been able to find the best scenario for the gentlemen and ladies who are singing on this long piece. Is he a little a soothsayer ? I wonder if...because each character is so credible and perfect in his part. Who could be a better King than Glenn Hughes ? The 1st song, Pieces of a dream, is sung by Glenn and there's such a huge emotion in his vocal lines ! Göran Edman, the unfortunate soldier who drunk wine from Nostradamus' skull, killed by a sniper bullet and then doomed to wander on earth till the end of time as a ghost, sings his scores with enthusiasm. In fact, listening to all these artists is a source of pleasure and emotion. Glory to the author who has written, composed, produced everything here and who's playing guitar, keyboards and violin on one track. Marrying hard rock and classical music was an old dream for Nik Kotzev. Lots of work for sure but a result up to it that make us live the life of Nostradamus like a movie. The symphonic orchestra used for this project is a pure joy, mixed with hard rock lines which give a great colour to the whole product. Jorn Lande (the inquisitor) 'rough' voice is good for the hard rock musical lines of the scenario while Miss Jordan and Miss Myles bring a touch of sweetness here and there. Several duets are especially astonishing like Inquisition where J.L Turner (Nostradamus) meets J.Lande, Try to live again which is a marvellous reunion between Joe Lynn and the beautiful Alannah (Anne Gemelle), I'll remember you, where, again, Alannah sings with Joe Lynn Turner. This track is really huge. And what can I say about the ballads ? Henriette, performed by J.L Turner, dusted with Nik's violin is like a sunset on a paradisiac island : wonderful. Try to live again, already mentioned, Chosen man, sung by the Voice Of Rock, the big Glenn in all its glory and Sir Turner. Many backing vocals, melodies, passion, fury, everything fits together and the edifice grows up till the final stone is layed down : I'll remember you, the tower's jewell. This concept album is a real masterpiece. I just hope it's gonna be a worlwide success.


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