Reviews of "Nostradamus"

(Steamhammer/ SPV)

Nikolo Kotzev is a fine guitar player and so far he has released several good albums with his other bands. But whatever the case nothing can prepare you for the brilliant music you'll hear in his new project. The man has convinced several singers to help him with his opera (Joe Lynn Turner, Alannah Myles and Glenn Hughes being among them) and the music is absolutely amazing. The 2 CDs of the album are full of melodic heavy metal with operatic arrangements, stunning guitar work and catchy songs. With influences from Rainbow, but enriched by the many different voices, the choir and the 35 piece orchestra the music is absolutely amazing. The music transmits very strong emotions to the listener and when the music changes mood the listener experiences different feelings as well. It's amazing the way it captivates you to it's magic. The perfect production simply puts the final touches to a release that you must have if you are into melodic heavy metal. That's the best music Nikolo Kotzev has produced so far. Period.

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