Reviews of "Nostradamus"

(Steamhammer/ SPV)

OK, this review is going to start off a little strange, but bear with me! As most of you know, I`m American, and I must say that I am proud to have been born there, and also [for the most part] of my heritage, etc, and so on..... The reason I made that opening statement is because some of the remarks I`m about to make could incite others to say things like "Hey, if you don`t like it [America], LEAVE!", or words to that effect. My remarks concern some of the bands and music coming from here that the "popular" media sees as representative of the US "scene". Such as? Take Limp Bizkit and Blink 182 [PLEASE!]; these clowns are among the lowest forms of musical life on planet Earth! I can`t believe I`m saying this, but I`d rather listen to Poison and Winger [!!] than that crap! Come on, "Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water"? "Take Off Your Pants And Jacket"? This may have been clever and funny when I was 11 years old, but get real!. Worst of all, this stuff RACES up the charts! They sell in the MILLIONS here! What the F**K?! Meanwhile, an absolutely BRLLIANT masterpiece like Nikolo Kotzevs` "Nostradamus" is virtually ignored in the States, which is a damn shame! This is, without a doubt, the most ambitious, highest quality "Rock Opera" since The Whos` "Tommy". Nearly 3 years in the making, Kotzev, in addition to his usual extraordinary guitar playing, also authored, produced, as well as directed the 35 piece orchestra present here! The story concerns the life of Michel de Nostradame [Nostradamus], his famed prophecies, and the key events surrounding his life. To bring such an intriguing concept to life, Nikolo enlisted some of the best talent in the business! Like? Joe Lynn Turner, Glenn Hughes, Alannah Myles, Goran Edman, Sass Jordan, Jorn Lande, Dougie White, for starters! Each vocalist portrays a different character, in true operatic fashion. The music is not dissimilar to Deep Purple or Rainbow at times; not surprising, given the players involved. No pompous Dream Theater-style noodling, no Dickinson/Dio/Tate squealing, just great songs being played by great musicians. Nothing like this has ever been tried in the Hard Rock arena [don`t you DARE mention "Operation: Mindcrap"!], and pulled off successfully. I haven`t listed any specific tracks here: go to the link below and find out for yourself. Better yet, BUY IT! Yours will be a truly unique experience, listening to an equally unique piece of music that will outlive us all. Cheers to you, Nikolo! Highly, highly, HIGHLY recommended!!!!

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